Looking for a pre-construction condo?
Look no further

  • First independent broker in pre-construction condos
  • Convenience of searching online: First global search dedicated to pre-construction condos
  • One stop online platform for all your pre-construction needs
  • Bring floorplans to life in 3DAR without the need for eyewear in seconds
  • Buy and finance online and get 1% rebate from our commission (maximum $10,000) towards credits for furniture buying on the platform
  • If you don’t see your development or home decor/furniture retailer on our platform Email Us - support@propeze.com & in 24 hours it will be there


One stop end to end
residential real estate platform.

Buy and sell your home online
at a fraction of the cost and time.

Earn$$$In your pocket

Split commission and earn credits towards home decor purchases

Reach aGlobalMarketplace

Connect with all your real estate professionals

Pay just1%Comission fee

Real time auction platform to sell your home

Visualize in3D& Design your home

Purchase furniture from major retailers

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Sign Up and become part of the revolution that is changing the way homebuyers buy and design their homes. The platform is a movement, a union of all the real estate business channels into an interactive community. This is the power behind Propeze.


Every pre-construction home will be rendered into Propeze's immersive real time 3D platform. No longer will you make the single most important financial decision of your lifetime on a static floorplan.
Welcome to the Propeze platform where homebuyers can walk through their exact rendered space, click and drag scalable furniture, purchase furniture, save their furniture onto the Propeze Design Board, interact with all professionals in the real estate industry.
"What is this amazing world I have entered into? Doorway to the imagination has been opened wider. The edges to the floor plan are not there anymore!"
- GM, Founder of Propeze
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